Soft System

Production management software.
Automatic reminder maintenance system.
Best optimization parameter saved for next repeat order.


Independent Drive RDC

Reduce the vibration during die cutting and improve the quality of printing.
It can operate independently when trimming the anvil rubber cover, which can reduce the electric energy.


Infrared Dryer

Using a special wavelength infrared system, it can be quickly absorbed by water molecules.
This IR system is recommended for high-graphic and half-tone printing purposes, which can effectively increase productivity.
This system is equipped with many safety devices, including very early smoke detection device, temperature detection, CO2 fire extinguishing device, paper jam detection device and powerful fan cooling device.
The infrared drying range can be turned on according to the order size.


Chamber Blade Ink System

The new chamber doctor blade system design reduces the amount of ink used and the loss of ink. 
Through the rapid replacement of the doctor blade system, maintenance time can be reduced. 
The one-button cleaning ink function increases the work efficiency of change orders.


Rapid Mounting Die System

Change the die-cutter die within one minute.
Reduce the time for changing orders and increase the production efficiency of the machine.